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日本インターナショナルオーディオ協議会(IASJ:International Audio Society of Japan)は 国際的に優れたオーディオ製品及び関連機器の普及、発展を目的として、輸入オーディオ協議会から発展的に結成された、本格オーデ ィオ製品を輸入もしくは製造する会社法人による任意団体です。


主な行事は加盟全社によって毎年秋に行われる「東京インターナショナルオーディオショウ」。1983年に「輸入オーディオショウ」として初回を開催。15回目を数える1997年より新たに場所を東京国際フォーラムに移し、それま での輸入オーディオ業者のみならず、日本の有数なオーディオブランドの参加も交えて「東京インターナショナルオーディオショウ」と改定し、今では来場者数一万人を上回る規模に成長いたしました。

The International Audio Society of Japan (IASJ) is a voluntary association of importers and manufacturers of advanced audio products. Our objective is to promote the distribution and innovation of fine, world- class audio products and related devices. Our former name was the Society of Consumer Audio Equipment Distributors (SOCAD).

We contribute to the development of Japan’s audio market by holding regular meetings, sharing information, maintaining contact with Japanese and overseas organizations that have similar aims, and other such activities.

Our most important event is the Tokyo International Audio Show (TIAS) held every year in the fall. Attendance is now more than 10,000 visitors each year. The Show brings together 35 corporate members under one roof and exhibits products representing about 200 brands from different parts of the world. The event began in 1983 under the name, Import Audio Show. In 1997, the 15th annual show was held for the first time at the prestigious Tokyo International Forum. Before then, the shows had highlighted imported audio products, but since 1997 they have also included Japan’s best audio brands. Also in 1997, the event took on its present name, Tokyo International Audio Show.
President:Hideaki Nishikawa.
Board of directors member:Sheen Uchida, Isamu Nakazono, Tatsuya Sueyoshi, Yoshihiro Hirano, Masaomi Suzuki.


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